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Paint Protection

Vehicle Paint Protection

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Long lasting Car Paint Protection

New car paints are always shiny, unfortunately the shine doesn't last a long time, even if the car has been maintained regularly. W. G. Services has more than ten years experience in paint protection. Our paint treatments guarantee a long lasting shine and a special intensity of the paint. W. G. Services paint treatments have a slippery effect which makes the maintenance of the cars easier.

The first stage consists of cleaning in-depth the surface by using W. G. Services washing process. This first stage includes washing with the crystal activators which allow the paint to charge positively to increase the performance of the following stage.

As the product is negatively charged, it sticks more strongly to the surface and allows a long lasting effect. With this second stage, we apply the treatment which protects the paint efficiently against tarnishing and gives a new shine. It isolates the paint from outside elements by depositing a nano acryl coating, which guarantees a five year duration. This treatment sticks strongly to the paint but does not penetrate in the paint. It does not create any problem when respraying the vehicle.

Orbital Polishers

The orbital polishers are made to be used by professionals. They don't leave circular traces, do not burn and don't damage the finish-up. The orbital system has a circular motion and imitates the movement of the hand, but 1500 times more quickly. Because of its circlar action, it is not necessary to rub in an intense way. The finish-up is always perfect.

The vehicle to be treated must always be perfectly clean. If the paint is damaged, strongly oxidised or faded, a buffing process will need to be undertaken using abrasive products in order to remove the outer layer of the oxidised paint’ - this is known as a pre-treatment.

For vehicles which are manufactured nowdays, we use a layer of product which is sprayed in a thin uniform layer. Be careful: Do not use polishers with too fast a rotation because they burn the paint, making it fade and leaving cylindrical traces which cannot be removed during the finish-up.

Car Paint Correction

Except on brand new cars, each paint protection treatment will be applied after a paint correction or polishing step. That first step is very important to remove defaults, swirls, scratches and holograms before the porosities of the paint is filled with paint protection steps.

The secret of the perfect result we achieve with these products is essentially coming from its unique formulation. The abrasive molecules react when you polish the surface. That means they decrease in size and abrasivity as long as you proceed to application. That means, going from a very abrasive product to the most light abrasive product, with all the steps in between, will drive to get the perfect result.